Friday, April 17, 2009

Assignment, "NJ Poverty"

2. According to NJRCL in Essex County, the McAllister family and the Brindle family will not live comfortably, they will be the poor families in NJ and they will not meet their needs. They will always stuggle in life according to the chart of NJRCL, the family like the Brindle, an adult plus a preschooler and school age child is $22.10 an hour without any suppport. The McAllister family, two adults and for children but in this case the other two oldest children live their grandmother and Ms. McAllister unemployed. Mr. McAllister, the truck driver, he's the one that work, this is a family is 12.01 an hour without also any support. This is a family that they will never meet their goals. On the other hand, the families like the Tallingers family, the Handlons, the Williams, the Taylor and the Marshalls will have a better living in Essex County.

3. Both families, the Brindle family and McAllister represent two singles mothers that are struggling in life. Eventhough Ms. McAllister has a common law-husband he is never in the house, I consider Ms. McAllister a single mother. In the LSNJ report, they are consider the poor family in NJ, because both are single mohter of color than non-white. These are two single mothers that try to survive in life so that can support thier children the best they can. They struggle every day such as trasnportation, food, and Health care because according to the chart of LSNJ report the poverty level is 17,600 per year and the wage on Essex County is between $39,299 and $40, 413 that is very sad.

4. The issue about poor families is a topic that will always be on our minds. the best plan for Americans at all income levels is to obtain a quality and accessible plan that would cover all needs at little or no cost. Our country is advanced in many aspects and should continue to provide its citzens with the best care. Americans have the right to choose and make a difference. That right should be used wisely when it comes to one's health and well being. We can not choose our health status but are entiltled to havve quality life style with out inequity of financial status or class.

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